Exagate provides various solutions to cover data center and multi-site IT infrastructure needs for environmental and power monitoring & management.



Data Centers shall always be secure for maximum uptime to ensure the operational sustainability. On the other hand energy efficiency is the key factor to improve overall performance and reach a better return of investment (ROI). To accomplish this Exagate offers both customized and standard software and hardware (monitoring devices, IP PDUs and energy management systems) serving for professionally monitoring and managing your data center and data network enclosures.

Solutions to monitor and manage the crucial environmental and energy parameters for data network enclosures and data centers:

  • Monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, air flow control, motion, door access and light level etc.
  • Monitoring of electrical parameters of current, voltage, power, power consumption, power factor thank to the IP PDUs and also 3rd party integrated devices such as UPS, transformers, generators, air conditioning systems­ CRACs, fire extinguishing systems etc.
  • Setting of alarms by means of e-mail, SMS and voice calls to predefined users
  • Centrally monitor and manage all the main and branch locations by users in different authorization levels
  • To be accessible to all monitoring, management and installation processes by users in different authorization level.
  • Professionally recording and archiving reports
  • Monitoring of IP CamerasPlease check related Case Studies for further information and view Products.