Exagate exposes it’s various solutions by means of “Case Studies” to help partners and customers to get the right information for their particular interests in data center and multi-IT infrastructure environmental and power monitoring & management.


MOBESE outdoor cabinets are deployed throughout the city streets for maintaining the safety against crimes when it comes to highly crowded places and particular zones. These cabinets shall remain operational on a 7/24 basis. In other words they should keep their physical and IT infrastructure.

Exagate offers SYSGuard 2001 & 3001 & 6001 or specially designed main units with temperature & humidity, door access, vibration sensors to supervise MOBESE cabinets’ parameters. Also for centralized management of all the cabinets’ infrastructure with Fan control and UPS integration professional SMARTPack centralized management software is utilized.

Exagate Solutions are enabling a soft and total monitoring and management of MOBESE cabinets with 3rd party device integrations such as UPS & Cabinet Fans.